10 Games That Aged Really Well

10 Classic video games that haven’t aged as much as they should have

Freelancer came out all the way back in 2003 and has a lot of things that a lot today’s space sims and open world games don’t. This includes unlocking main story missions after the player makes a certain amount of money by trading and doing side missions, which means the storyline and the open world elements don’t fight for the player’s attention.

The storyline is written in a way that doesn’t add a sense of urgency until the last few missions, so you don’t feel like you’re just wasting time while the world is ending. Another great thing is a world that’s living and breathing – you can hear other pilots talk to each other as well as you, law enforcement doing contraband scans and a lot of other little things.

The graphics during the cutscenes do look very dated, but since spaceships are much easier to render than organics, the game still looks decent in space, where the player spends most of their time.

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