10 Video Games That Launched Absolutely Broken

10 Video Games With The Worst Launches

2014’s Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was not only an absolute trainwreck of a game with repetitive gameplay and zero personality, but it was also released in a state that was barely playable. It was plagued with constant drops in framerate, and would glitch around the environment uncontrollably, making the insufferable combat that much more intolerable.

A certain glitch allowed the player to escape the confines of the environment by jumping on the spot repeatedly, pausing and unpausing the game in order to gain greater height, bypassing large portions of the game. Sonic Boom isn’t unplayable – the combat is repetitive for instance, but functional – the trouble is that the broken design accentuates the faults inherent in the game, making the entire experience that much more unbearable.

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