A Look at the Major Influences Behind Your Favorite Video Games

Contrary to popular belief, Resident Evil didn’t invent the survival horror genre, but it did popularize the hell out of it. The first survival horror game was Alone in The Dark, no doubt a huge influence for the Resident Evil franchise. Another work of fiction Capcom owes a huge deal of Resident Evil’s success to is George Romero’s Dead series of movies and books, which invented the zombie apocalypse trope, starting with Night of the Living Dead all the way back in 1968. Lastly, there is Sweet Home, a 1989 NES game, feature elements later found in Resident Evil, like different playable characters with unique skills and items and limited inventory space. It could be considered the first survival horror game instead of Alone in the Dark, but only in retrospect because the term hadn’t been coined back then.

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