Diablo 3 Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” Parody

Diablo 3 "Boyfriend" Parody
Diablo 3 “Boyfriend” – Justin Bieber Parody

Diablo 3 “Boyfriend” (Justin Bieber Parody) – TerenceJayMusic Written, Composed and Performed by TERENCE JAY (@TerenceJay) Directed by BEHN FANNIN (@BehnFannin) Starring Danna Richards: www.youtube.com Produced by New Antics (@NewAntics) newantics.com

Hey Guys! It’s Terence Jay! Diablo 3 is finally here! This is my latest parody for the release of Diablo 3! Can’t wait to loot some dungeons and pimp out my skill tree! My BattleTag is coming soon. PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS! What game should I sing about next? Tell me in the comments! Peace!

This video will teach you: How to make video game music How to kick ass at Diablo 3

All third party game footage is being directly commented on, used and is legal to use under Fair Use. Diablo 3 is owned by Blizzard.

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