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Diablo III – Barbarian Class

Diablo III – Barbarian Class was the first of five classes to be confirmed. They play similar to the previous Diablo II Barbarian, with a few skills from that game carried over to Diablo III. While it was originally stated that the male Barbarian would be the same Barbarian as was featured in Diablo II, this direction has been abandoned. The Barbarian is depicted as an aging old man with a white beard and graying locks, though possessing a trademark muscular structure typical of the Barbarian.

In addition to the male Barbarian, the players will be able to choose a female version of the character. She is depicted as a muscular woman with striking orange hair. Whether she has a similar backstory as the male Barbarian is not known at the moment. The male Barbarian showed that each item equipped would reflect on the character’s appearance. But it may be noted that the Gothic Helm when equipped on him, looks like a Bone Helm from Diablo II.

Blizzard’s Jay Wilson offers his top tips for the Diablo III – Barbarian Class. 

Diablo III – Barbarian Class skills are very similar to the Barbarian from Diablo II, only much more primal, savage and in a way spiritual. Some of the crowd-control skills like Grim Ward are still missing but it can be seen that the skill trees are divided into three distinct play-styles (read builds) with the Juggernaut being especially liked by the fanbase because of the overall coolness of the name as well as the great variety of all-purpose skills in the tree.

Unlike their previous incarnations, the Barbarian now uses Fury and Stamina (the Barbarian equivalent of Mana) for their skills. These new mechanics are detailed below.

The Barbarian’s three skill trees are Berserker, Juggernaut, and Battlemaster.

New Skill Mechanics

It may be noted that in the original gameplay video, the Barbarian had a different colored Mana orb in the interface when compared with the blue orb of the Witch Doctor’s, which was the same color as the Diablo II orb. The Barbarian’s orb was more greenish-blue than a perfect blue color. In BlizzCon, when player’s actually got to play the Barbarian, it was found that the Barbarian’s mana was in fact, Stamina, the new energy type that leads us to believe that different classes may have different energy sources, but the Witch Doctor has Mana as his energy source.

It may also be noted that the Diablo III – Barbarian Class does not use Stamina for some of his more powerful skills, instead depending on another type of primal energy source called Fury as seen in the Skill descriptions. Fury, it seems, is very similar to Rage, the Warrior energy source from World of Warcraft. From BlizzCon’s demo, it is clear that Stamina is the new Barbarian mana while Fury is a new expendable type of energy that increases as you kill monsters and rapidly decreases when the Barbarian is not killing anything.

This brings a whole new dimension to gameplay that was introduced partially in the Assassin from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction in the form of Attack Charges that increased the power and effects of her Martial Arts. This has been greatly expanded so that some of the Barbarian’s skills can only be used when he has gained enough Fury by decimating the opposition. And to decimate the opposition, the Barbarian kills monsters and with enough Fury, he invokes powerful Whirlwinds and goes into a Berserk rampage leading to more decimation which makes the Barbarian an exponentially powerful character in the game. It remains to be seen whether other classes have similar or different mechanics like this that make them unique with respect to each other.

The confirmed energy sources are:

  • Barbarian – Fury
  • Wizard – Arcane Energy
  • Witch Doctor – Mana
  • Monk – Spirit
  • Demon Hunter – Hatred, Discipline

Diablo 3 – Barbarian Class

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