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Gamestop: Ex Employee Revelations

First of all, it is a fun place to work at if you love video games. That quickly leaves you and you’re stuck in a bad place. I know there has to be GameStop that are operated by competent employees, nice customers, and good hours. But from what I’ve experienced and read other peoples comments on the internet, it’s kind of really sucks.

The pay is unbelievable horrible! I mean for a company that gets billions of dollars of revenue, why does it feel it necessary to pay minimum wage. If you are not a Manager or Assistant Manager, the hours are horrible. So everything underneath those are just time fillers. Let us do the math, the Manager and Assistant Manager get around 80 hours of the allotted company time. The worst part of that is that GameStop shaves off hours as much as possible.

They do this to save money and generate more money to line their already fat pockets. So it’s not absurd for a GameStop to give a store maybe 100-110 hours a week. My store had around 8 employees at the highest point from what I remember. So how can a person divide equally 20-30 hours for 6 freaking people!?! The worst paycheck I got for 2 weeks of work was around 30 dollars!

There are some more practices that I don’t like that they do. When they take in bad games or accessories, they don’t take them to their corporate office to get them fixed. They actually take the merchandise in the back of the store and destroy the products. Some of the items were not so bad but they destroyed it anyway for two things.

The first reason was that it was cost effective to not send it. Why in God’s name is that cost effective if you’re destroying thousands of dollars of merchandise???

The second reason was that if they destroyed it and threw it in the trash; no one could take it and use it. In my book, trash is trash. If you throw it away, maybe someone can recycle it and by doing so can create less trash in the world. But no! They must do that because they can’t let people have stuff for free! I’ve seen this done multiple times.

The games that are traded in to get money are bad policy too. You trade in your expensive game to get credit for another game. Usually they offer you little to next to nothing on a video game. Than they go around your back and sell it for 3 to 4 times the original amount. That is how this company can make so much money.

I hate this practice and also that they opened new games and sell them as “new” games. I can go on and on but I just wanted to say this before the main article. All these things are 100 percent true and they come from my time working there. I feel sorry for the people that work there and take so much abuse from a company that can offer them better compensation for their hard work. I try to avoid shopping there because of what they do and the injustices that were done to me. Thanks for reading and make up your own mind about this place. Let us see if you can see this place in a new light!

Another topic I want to brush on that annoys the hell out of me is their behavior. What I am talking about is their pushiness about buying USED, buying their subscriptions, or reserving a game. Even before I was an employee I was always turned off by their tactics. Today I cut them off when they offer all of these amazing savings and reservations on the hottest games coming out soon. There is a reason they do this.

Already mentioned was how they sell used and make fistful of money. The reason they sell subscriptions is the same thing. They sell them; they are called SUBS in GameStop slang, because it’s basically a vehicle to peddle their wares. They make more money by the advertisments in the magazine sent to your house as well. But if you see games and read about them in the magazine, where else are you going to buy them, Best Buy? Of course not, you are human; you are going to buy them at GameStop because it has its name plastered everywhere in the magazine.

The reservation is a little sneaky too. Let’s say that you want to reserve Star Craft 2 and its JULY, even though you might be reading this at a later time so let’s just imagine. It comes out all the way in December but you give in to the pushy CSR, Customer Service Representative in GameStop speak, and give him 5 bucks for it. 5 dollars doesn’t seem that much to me and you but it is to GameStop when you forget about that reservation.

See they will call you about the game coming around the time its due out but that is it. They wont be hounding you like if they were too you about buying used or a RES, Reservation in GameStop tongue! So if you buy the game somewhere else and not at the GameStop where you reserve. Guess what! They keep the money! That is why they are so pushy! It is because they gain something in return, although it is miniscule.

They higher the numbers they can get, i.e. USED sales, RES, SUBS, and IPT, they get more hours. IPT’s are Items Per Transaction and this means the more the CSR can get the customer to buy, the better it is for the company. So basically the CSR’s are fighting for the little hours wee talked about. They are even told if they don’t have good numbers that it is basis to get them fired in the long run.

It is bad for the CSR but still ever so annoying. Especially the one where they can’t take no for an answer and ask you multiple times. Not only does this make them seem ignorant but you feel insulted for them not taking your word as for truth. As if you were being talked to as if you were a special child. When I worked at GameStop, I understood this and asked only ONCE! If they wanted anything that was cool but I wasn’t going to beat them over the head with it.

GameStop: More Bad Practices

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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