Kim Kardashian As Excella Gionne – Resident Evil

When 3D video games become mainstream, it won’t be long before our favorite video game babes start to replace female celebrities as the most desired women on the planet. Sure they aren’t real and it’s kinda demented but it’s also possible that most female celebrities aren’t real either.

Kim Kardashian As "Excella Gionne"

Excella Gionne, was a member of the Gionne family, which was well known and respected throughout Europe for their successful export-import business. Excella’s model-like beauty and aristocratic upbringing made her haughty towards those around her, especially men. Her grandmother was of the Travis family; the founders of Tricell, Inc., which had bestowed Excella with quite a noble and storied lineage. She eventually became CEO of Tricell’s African division, and the partner of Albert Wesker, sharing with him a vision for the future of the world. She intended to become the goddess of the new world with Wesker as her god, that is, until she discovered his true motives.

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