Mario Party 9 Wii: New Mini Games

Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9 will be released on March 11, 2012.

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In this review I’ll be showing the Free Play Mini games for Mario Party 9.

I pick Mario for my player and choose Princess,Toad, and Luigi for my competition.

Mario Party 9 First Mini game  – Buddy Bounce


“Bounce on the clouds to collect as many ballons as you can. Bouce on the head of another player to reach the higher, more valuable balloons.”

Your just trying to collect as many point balloons as possible to get the balloons with more points you need to time your jumps so you bounce off your competitors heads. Your earn 1 Party Point

Mario Party-9  Second Mini game – Logger Heads

Rules: Use your ax to be the first to split the logs placed in front of you. Look out for Bob-ombs that explode if you hit them by mistake!

This game is similar to whack a mole type, you use the Wii mote swinging in a downard motion to be the first one to hit the log of wood, careful not to swing on the bomb or you loose.

Mario Party-9 Third Mini game – Pinball Fall

Rules:Choose your ball, then let luck take over as you roll downhill. Be the first to reach the bottom to win!

This game reminds me of the price is right plinko game, it’s basically a game of luck, however the only thing you can actually control in this one is when you get stuck in a hole swing your Wii mote side to side to get out quicker than your opponents.

Mario Party-9 Fourth Mini game – Launch Break

Rules:Use the controls on-screen to build up energy in your three-stage rocket. The player who blasts his or her rocket highest wins!

This is a great mini game, first step is to tap button 1 on your wii mote while holding it sideways then switch to button 2 and at the last stage shake your Wii mote side to side as fast as you can. Afterwards your rocket’s blast off in a three stage animation.

Mario Party 9 Fifth Mini game  – Goomba Village

Watch the Goombas as they run into the different Toad Houses. Try to be the first player to guess which Toad House holds the most Goombas!

Focus is everything here, pay close attention to where the Goombas walking towards and at the end you need to decide quickly which house is the winner.

Watch In depth game play footage of EVERY SINGLE Mario Party 9 Mini Game in this series.

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