The Hottest Female Villains From Comic Books and Movies

What’s not to like about movies inspired by comic books? (Besides the shitty ones, of course.)

The explosion-filled murk-fests keep us entertained while reminding us of our childhoods reading Marvel and DC.
Though all superhero movies inevitably include the obligatory hot girl, we’re way more interested in the sexy super-villains than the good-girl love interests.

So when these superheroines (also some super-villains) are making a splash, we picked the Top 10 hottest bad girls from comic book movies. So see if your favorite villain made the cut…

10. Gianna Jun as Saya (Blood:The Last Vampire, 2009)

A 400 year-old, half-human, half-vampire, has never looked so good. We wouldn’t mind putting our stake in her, yadadamean?

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