The Sexiest Ladies of Final Fantasy Series

After a long period of waiting, Final Fantasy XV has launched around the world and gamers are in for a serious treat. FFXV is touted as being “for fans and first-timers” alike, but it doesn’t matter when your love affair with Final Fantasy started—we can all appreciate the impressive cast of characters and the hyper-realistic way they’ve come to look in the games. In honor of the launch of the newest game in the legendary series, we look back at the finest ladies who put the fantasy in Final Fantasy.

1. Aranea Highwind

One of many women in the Final Fantasy series you shouldn’t trifle with, Aranea might be the sexiest enemy you’ll encounter in FFXV… which is also a good reason to want her on your team eventually, too. If she earned a nickname like The Dragoon from her airborne escapades, we can only imagine what they call her behind closed doors.

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