Top 10 Rarest N64 Games

Old Nintendo 64 games that could go for decent cash if you hung on to them

One of the very first entries in the Harvest Moon series, Harvest Moon 64 was the best farm/life simulator in the series up until that time (some even say Harvest Moon 64 is still the best in the series). Playing as a small boy who must take over his family farm and raise crops while meeting the townspeople and starting a family, Harvest Moon 64 is also crazy expensive. The price has dropped over the last few years, but nevertheless, it’s still quite expensive. For a new sealed edition, expect to pay a few hundred dollars. The price fluctuates and has been known to cost over $900, but sometimes you can find the game for $50. If you find a copy, purchase it immediately and keep an eye on the market for the game, as you will definitely be able to make a profit if you wish to sell it one day.

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