Triss Merigold – Klodi Monsoon in Witcher 2

Triss Merigold and her Real Life Model

Triss Merigold – a young sorceress, the heroine of the saga about the Witcher and two video games including the latest – The Witcher 2 . In real life Triss Merigold model’s name is Klodi Monsoon and Russian online magazine MAXIM arranged interview with her, in which they asked about her new experience.

Triss Merigold – Klodi Monsoon Interview

Klodi, could you tell our visitors your opinion about Triss, how can you see her as a personality yourself?

It is not easy to describe Triss Merigold character in a nutshell. To be able to do so you have to read … let me remember …  six volumes of the book and become familiar with two video games. However, you can find majority of her magician character sides almost in every woman’s life. That’s what they all have in common and it automatically turns Triss into a kind of ideal woman. She is determined, strong character and of course, has a fiery heart. For me personally, her image is one of the best re-created in video games.


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